Friday, January 18, 2013

WHOOPS! The Start of My Cafe Sketch Blog

Here is where I will be posting my sketches weekly from my Cafe Sketch drawing class. Right now I feel my observational work is incredibly rusty. I haven't had a real drawing class in a while and it shows. Hopefully that changes soon once I get myself into the swing of things.


  1. Great job with the children! Their proportions are tough

  2. Tyler,
    These are a pretty good first effort for the course. The forms look pretty solid and the high angle is convincing. My biggest piece of advice for this course is the following (and it's the same to all students): think during these sessions that you are drawing VERBS, not nouns. If you begin a drawing without considering what the subject's actions are; what they are doing, you may arrive at a less dynamic result. The reaching poses are the stronger ones - but look for silhouette and a strong line of rhythm throughout the gesture, as if you could distill an entire pose into one elegant line.
    You line weight is nice and the line is loose. As you draw more in this manner and arrive at a pose faster, this looseness will also come forth in the pose itself.