Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Assignment 1

Here are copies from master paintings on studying the dynamic figures in them. I will update this post soon with images of the paintings themselves soon. I had classes all day and couldn't get to a scanner in time to post them. So these are pretty crappy scans.

*EDIT* I added the original paintings I drew from.

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  1. Tyler,
    Overall, these are looking pretty good - I would like you to consider line weight and how you can show the transition from foreground to background through line.
    Caravaggio was a master of composition and look to the form overlap and foreshortening he used when drawing at our locations this semester. Gesture is not simply about a dynamic pose, but that pose in an imagined 3-dimensional space. I would like to see the source images next to these, still. Please post them as soon as you are able.