Monday, February 4, 2013

Dance Assignment

I had fun with this assignment. My best resource was So You Think You Can Dance, one of my favorite shows I watched in high school (go ahead and laugh.) Most of the dances were contemporary, modern, and a mix of hip hop.

*edit* and yes I may have forgot some areas of facial features, hands, feet, etc. I'm going to get on that. I'm really trying to push my line work to use more broader strokes.

Misc Sketches from today. I couldn't find anything interesting to draw so I pretended I was in a dance studio:


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  1. Tyler,
    Please don't clump sessions together. Each posting should be a separate session. I can keep better track of them that way. The homework drawings do have good flow and good lines of rhythm - but yes - the extremities and faces need some description. Trying to work more broader and bolder is definitely a good objective but don't give short shrift to the elements that really describe the individuality and even reflect the psychology of the subject. Take the time to develop these areas just generally.
    While I like the looser line, try to concentrate on where the bolder lines should go, in terms of form overlap and weight shift. Good work.