Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ballet Met #3

More sketches from Ballet Met in Columbus on Thursday.

Advice: never drink a whole bottle of water before going into a 2 hour session.

*Edit* I may have overdone it with the very thick black lines in some areas. But looking back at this, I am very surprised at how many I managed to capture that day.

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  1. Tyler,
    There is a really nice fluidity in the gesture - especially in pages 2-4. Please keep this up, but try to still make the forms recognizable - they get a little rubbery on you, in places. However. in others, like the last page right most drawing, the results are great (just indicate those hands better). also, don't get too mannered with the line as you develop these. The best results in that regard here are where you can bring the stronger, darker line into drawings that still have the lighter lines, as well.